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Crack and Activation Windows 8 Professional keyless

The last r'ejton M $ was born about 10 days ago, has named a hurry "Windows 8". I was rather retissant operating system, and its "Metro Dashbord" coupled with Windows store which seemed to take up too much in the Os ... In reality it is not so! Windows 8 is certainly a little less attractive than its predecessor, but it's really smooth and swift. Speed ​​boot (8sec with a SSD HDD) is stirring as the responsiveness of the system. Take a look at the consumption of RAM, you'll see that W8 uses 50% less RAM than W7. In short, we must make the leap!
Ah yes, it is true that this is not an ad for M $, it is called to activate a copy found on the web! The process is done in two steps: 1 activation, windows for 180 days. 2 upgrade your limited license unlimited ... Yes, you read correctly, ACTIVATING YOUR WINDOWS 8 A LIFE!
The craziest is that it's Microsoft itself that you activate your windows. Indeed, a promotional offer aimed to offer you a CD key to download Windows Media Center if you are already lawfully team windows 8. Only problem, take the offer end January 30, 2013!
Once this period has elapsed, you will need to reactivate your windows every 180 days (see step A)
So without further ado, here are the steps to follow:
PS: On the net you can find other cracks ... who are doubtful and do (often) remove warning messages when non-activated copy.
Update (13/11/2012): Malium13 created a software that facilitates the registration of your W8 with KMS servers. The tutorial has been revised for the occasion.
_ Windows 8 Professional (no "N"), 32 or 64 bits.
_ Internet connection active
Crack V2 KMS activation
A _ Activate Windows for 180 Days: 
Info: this activation method can be repeated every 180 days to reactivate your windows again and again ...
1. install your Windows 8 Pro, if you have no key To install, use the following: Info: think a well unplug your Ethernet cable during installation!

2. Once on the desktop, run the crack "KMS auto-activation" in Administrator mode (via right click):

3. Choose the first KMS server (named Fourdelatone), select single key, and then click "Activate Windows"

4. The software warns you by various pop-up on the progress of activation. If everything works, you get the following message: The product has been activated.
If this does not >>
Little explanation: W8 requires activation via the net using a KMS server. Hackers have managed to copy a KMS server to allow activation of your windows unofficially. This is what the crack is supposed to do, but the KMS server says "pirate" must be HS. So you need to change the address of the server KMS.
5. Reboot your PC, then run "Test Activation", a message should indicate an expiration date of your Windows:


B. Make your permanent activation (= get your own CD key, valid for life): 
Operation possible until January 30, 2013!
1. Go on this web page , then enter your email address there. Within 24 hours you will receive an email with your activation key.

2. Wrench Once received (valid for a single machine), you must put it into your operating system.
looking in the Metro menu (or Control Panel) something called "Add Features to Windows 8" :
Plus: To make it simple (and by that I missed it), I use the software Start8 to find a "Start Menu" classic

3. A window opens asking you the code you received in the email from Microsoft:

4. Following this, your PC should consider some time. It may take several minutes. It must be on-wait until the end of loading. Your PC should reboot at the end of the process.

5. reboot Once done, restart again the test activation, then see the following message:

Info: do not install Windows media center, otherwise disable your windows.


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