Sunday, 6 January 2013

Shot Remote: Control the camera in your mobile to another mobile [iPhone & Android]

Our mobile phone is gradually replacing our camera. Although the picture quality is still questionable, admittedly, the trend is really improving. Without a doubt, it should quickly be similar to compact cameras. Regarding SLR that's another story.
Application developers have understood this trend. Found on different markets, a multitude of applications related to the management of our camera phones.
Remote Shot is one of those applications that aims to replace a function or an accessory to our classic camera. In this case, the application replaces the IR remote that comes with some SLR cameras.
Remote Shot , developed by DAOU TECH exists for Iphone  and Android . It allows, through the Bluetooth connection, use your mobile as a remote control for a second mobile phone.
It is not a simple remote trigger, it allows access to all functions of the camera.
  • Place the front camera to the back camera.
  • Set the timer trigger.
  • Set the flash mode.
  • Enable or disable burst mode.
  • Video mode
  • And of course the photo or trigger start and stop a video.
The principle is as follows:
  1. Must have 2 devices (mobile and tablets) with the same OS (Android or iOS)
  2. Install the application on two devices.
  3. Activate the Bluetooth connection on the two devices.
  4. Configure Bluetooth to combine these two devices.
  5. Launch the application on the two devices.
  6. Choose one to be the camera and the one who must make the remote control.
  7. On the device that serves remote you take the hand having access to functions and the image of the other device.

We love

We like least

  • Principle.
  • Access to all functions of the other camera.
  • Free.
  • The validation of the allocation camera / remote a bit complicated.
  • Slow due to a bluetooth connection.
  • The preview window of the photo on the remote is a little small.

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