Friday, 1 February 2013

[UPDATE] Install IPA without Jailbreak your iOs6 via software 25PP

kuaiyong - jailbreak ios 6 - m
If you follow a little news of the latest Jailbreak OS (6) Apple devices, you probably know that is stalled. The reverse was even passed, because competing platform (especially free) the Appstore has named Install0us has closed ... And during this time, in China ... The talented developers had managed to Gobber any application unpaid to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. All WITHOUT jailbreak!The site and application (an iTunes like) is 100% Jap, which does not make things easier to understand how they manage to do that. In the end, you use Itunes Like to download applications (the app that will recover are multilingual, EN, ES, ...) and then pass them on the iphone.
Anyway, what matters is the result. I will guide you to teach you the basics of the iTunes killer called "25pp" ..
Only HIC sync the app with itunes become impossible "Normal", you tell me.

Update (24/01/2013): 25pp replaces Kuaiyong fire. Paid apps are available again for free without jailbreak, as well as the syncro with itunes!

PC with Windows XP/7/8 _ /
_ Iphone / iPod / iPad
_ The latest version of itunes (contains drivers for iDevice)
25pp ( mirror )
It is compatible with all iphone, ipod, ipad and all versions of ios confused!
25pp is also available via cydia source

Vital Info:
Here is the legend for the subsistence minimum:
Tab >> search:
25pp - tutorial - 1
- A - catalog application for jailbroken device NO
- b - search bar
- c - device application catalog WITH jailbreak
- d - current download manager
- e - Applications downloaded categorized
- f - Content your iDevice, classified as on itunes

Presentation >> application:
25pp - tutorial - 2
- A - Info classics, similar to those available on itunes whose size, version and date of update
- b - button to download / install

Manage downloaded >> Application:
25pp - tutorial - 3
- A - Application not installed on your device. A pressure on the button to install.
- b - sleep and Application already installed on your device.
- c - Application already downloaded, present on your PC, and categorized
- d - Remove an application from your PC

Reply >> Yes or No:
25pp - tutorial - 4

1. Click the red, and search (all app are not referenced, but there really). Then select the desired application from the search results:
25pp - tutorial - 5

2. therefore you arrive on the detailed application. Click the red button to start downloading:
25pp - Tutorial - 6

3. On page download manager, you can see the progress and speed of your downloads. You can also pause or delete them from the list (which premium IPA file from your PC):
25pp - tutorial - 7

4. A time with 100%, find the application that is automatically stored in its category, then click this button (right) to install in your iphone or ipad.
25pp - tutorial - 8

6. then See for the new app is there:
kuaiyong - jailbreak ios 6-14


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  2. is there a way to install an ipa that i took from the net and to install it with 25pp ?

  3. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)


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